Welcome to Asmandia!

Asmandia is a place for enjoyment, relaxation and activities. It can be found in Mynämäki, by the bank of Mynäjoki river, in the furthermost end of Opintie street. It is open for everybody between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. We wish you a pleasant stay in Asmandia!

The lean-to shelter “Asmankolo” is the heart of Asmandia. The lean-to shelter with adjoining fireplace and toilet facilities, rubbish and recycling bins is ideal for short term visits all year round but is not intended for overnight purposes.

Firewood is occasionally provided by the keeper of the premises (this depends on the availability of wood material) but this cannot be guaranteed. Visitors are therefore advised to bring their own firewood.

There is also a small parking place in Asmandia. Please, note that parking is not allowed on the school or kindergarten yards or next to agility training area or anywhere else apart from the official parking places. When entering Asmandia check the P-signs and use the one with the name “Asmandia”. Another small parking space can be found further up the hiking trail at Nuuskalantie 26 (close to the junction of hiking trails between Rauasvuori and Linnavuori).

Activities in Asmandia:

There is a plethora of activities you can do in Asmandia and its surrounding areas either by yourself or with your friends. Please note, however, that all activities are carried out at one’s own risk.


Asmandia is a starting point of nearby hiking trails that stretch over six kilometers in total. You can either do shorter visits to sightseeing places in Linnavuori and Rauasvuori or walk the full length of the trail that encompasses also an oak forest which is a nature reserve area. It is also possible to borrow a canoe (see below) and paddle one part of the trail. Please, note that it is not allowed to use other places for landing apart from the ones issued for this purpose.

Man and two dogs sitting on top of Linnavuori hill.

There are maps (similar to the one below) provided for visitors in the mailbox of the information point in Asmandia. Please, note that the short path following the left bank of the river is no longer in use.

Map of hiking trails.


In the summertime there is a landing stage for canoes by the lean-to shelter. Canoes seat three people and can be borrowed for max. five hours for paddling on the Mynäjoki river. It is not allowed to transport them elsewhere. Members of the Mynämäen Asemanseudun Kylät ry village association are entitled to borrow the canoes without charge. Non-members pay 5 € / canoe. The fee can be paid by using one of the following means:

  • Bank account Mietoisten SP: FI35 4355 1220 0368 68
  • Bank account Vakka-Auranmaan OP: FI96 5280 0040 0124 11
  • MobilePay: 92240
  • Made payable to: Mynämäen Asemanseudun Kylät ry
  • Reference: “canoe”

There are paddles and life jackets in the closets. Once the fee is payed you will get a code which opens the key case mounted on the wall of the lean-to shelter. In case of accidents resulting in damage of the equipment the borrower is required to pay for the expenses.

Book the canoes by calling or texting: 050 537 7239 (Mäkelä).

Three canoes with paddlers arriving to landing stage.

Frisbee golf, beach volley, petanque and mölkky:

There is a frisbee golf track of six baskets in Asmandia. The track is free for everybody to use. Beach volley court and petanque court are also available for all players. Or why not try your hand at the Finnish game of mölkky! Volley ball, petanque boules and mölkky equipment are stored in the closet and can be borrowed by phoning or texting to the number above.

People playing petanque.

Winter fun in Asmandia

During winter, when there is snow, there are ski tracks stretching many kilometres from Asmandia to the nearby fields. It is also possible to ride the winter carousel “napakelkka”. Next to the nearby school building there is also an ice rink for figure skating as well as playing hockey.

Asmandia and adjoining hiking trails have been ideated, built and maintained by the non-profit, voluntary based Mynämäen Asemanseudun Kylät association. In order to have been able to carry out the projects the association has recieved funding from European agricultural fund for rural development on numerous occassions and has benefitted notably from the expertise of the rural development association Local Action Group (LAG) Ravakka.